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CantiLeiver Active

cantileiver creations gymnastics paralletts core strength and conditioning equipment

is a range of products designed for building strength and flexibility for use at home or in the gym. We combine high quality materials with innovative design to produce pieces which are practical and beautiful. CantiLeiver Active products are ideal for gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders as well as cross fit and general fitness enthusiasts.

We have worked with high level coaches in the design of the products and are happy to work with clubs on the development or installation of our products.

All CantiLeiver Active products can be personalised or adapted to meet your specific needs, we are always happy to discuss your design ideas.

CantiLeiver Creations

is a family run product design and manufacturing business based in the heart of England. We believe in innovative practical design solutions combined with the highest quality.

We believe in quality, innovation and design.

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